Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Outsource Photo Clipping Path Services | Clipping Path Services to Remove backgrounds from Images

Clipping Path Services – Photo Clipping Path technique helps to cut out images from its unwanted or dull looking backgrounds. Photo clipping is the process of creating the path around the image using Photoshop pen tool and this technique also called as Deep Edging. Remove unwanted backgrounds and unwanted imaging elements from photographs using Photoshop image clipping path services.

image clipping services
Outsource Clipping Path Services Provider

Outsource photo clipping path services to Sam studio and remove image backgrounds for your e-commerce business purposes. Sam Studio is a popular Photoshop clipping services provider delivering the wide range of clipping solutions for e-commerce image preparation and website image optimization purposes.

Photo Clipping Services to Remove Backgrounds from Images

Photo clipping path services help to remove image backgrounds using Photoshop tools. It is the process of isolating images from its existing backgrounds and adds suitable white/transparent backgrounds based on your e-commerce business purposes.

Sam Studio having team of clipping path experts who can efficiently remove your images from its backgrounds using Photoshop pen tool. We serve many ecommerce businesses with our professional photo clipping services.

Our clipping path services included basic/simple clipping path services, medium clipping path services, compound clipping path services, clipping path with natural shadow creation, clipping path with drop shadow creation, clipping path with mirror reflection creation, photo clipping to cut out image backgrounds, multi clipping path with color correction services.

Looking for outsource image clipping path services provider for your ecommerce business needs. Please feel free to contact Sam Studio.

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Photo Manipulation Services to Beautify Your Photography – Outsource Image Manipulation Services

Photo Manipulation Services:
Photos are the collection of special memories and mixed emotions in one’s life. Photo manipulation service is used to refresh your old memories. Using our advanced portrait services we make you relive your special movements.  Our image manipulation technicians provide creative retouching service according to customer intention. Photo manipulation is the process of customizing photos with an artistic touch.

Positive effects of Photo Manipulation Services for business:

·         Photo manipulation services help in improving the popularity of your brand in the market.
·         Images are the trend setter for business.
·         Image shows the originality of the product.
·         Photo manipulation service is cost effective.
   The customer gets attracted by the optical image; this image attraction makes the customer buy products.

With Our Photo Manipulation Services We Offer:

We offer skillful retouching services with our technical team experts. For each service, we have a specialized technician. Old photos will have evergreen memory. Our service to repair and refresh your old photos in quick time. Image format we accept common camera files (JPEG, JPG, TIF, NEF, CR2, DNG) common image files (PNG, GIF) Photoshop files (PSD) and return in the format which customer require
List of our services
•    Beauty retouching services (improvement of lighting)
•   Body reshaping (skin tone color adjustment, wrinkles removal, body slimming and bulking, spot removal eye widening, red eye removal)
•    Background manipulation (adding or removing background, adding backdrops)
•    Fixing exposure issues (adjusting color balancing)
•    Watercolor painting manipulation
•    Oil painting image portrait
•    Merging photos (panoramic views with multiple photos)
•    Family photo refreshing services
•    Wedding photo retouching services
•    Image montage & manipulation
•    Glamor photo editing
•    Refurbishing old photos
Image Manipulation Techniques We Use To Beautify Your Photography:
Techniques we use to add charm to your photography are Image Masking & Photoshop Clipping Path
 Image Masking:
Image Masking is the technique used for advanced editing work in the image
•    General masking
•    Layer masking
•    Quick masking effects
•    Clip masks
Photoshop Clipping Path:
·         It is used as for basic editing work
·         Clipping path is used to change the background of the image
Software and Tools:
 We use for image manipulation service are Photoshop, Illustrator, and Light room tools. Looking for outsource photo manipulation services to your photographs? Contact Sam Studio. Our professional manipulation team helps to enhance your images using advanced image manipulation techniques.
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Monday, 13 March 2017

Real Estate Image Editing Services Outsourcing | Real Estate Photo Retouching Services

Real estate image editing services

Offshore/Outsource Photo Editing Services Provider among the world
Sam Studio is a popular photo editing outsourcing company delivers flawless outsourcing solutions to your imaging needs. We serve many photography, studios, and e-commerce business industries to boost their sales among their competitors. Our outsource photography editing services are followed by,
·         Outsource portrait services
Outsource photo editing service such as real estate image retouching, portrait enhancement, HDR blending multiple exposures, image stitching, virtual tour and virtual video services to your images. Feel free to contact sam studio for further information about photo editing service outsourcing.
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Friday, 3 March 2017

Portrait Photo Retouching Services to Fix Photos | Outsource Photo Editing Services

High-end photo retouching services to photographers, advertising, and e-commerce sales. Retouch photos and turn its look better than original. Sam Studio is portrait photo retouching services provider helps to fix your photos using advanced photo editing and digital image retouching techniques. Our team of portrait retouching experts can edit your wedding portraits, baby portraits, landscape portraits, real estate photography, architectural photography, headshot portraits, family portraits, and stock and e-commerce product portraits.

Ecommerce Product Portrait Retouching Services

E-commerce product photo editing professionals at Sam Studio helps to retouch your photos and bring an attractive look to your photography. We can quickly fix your photos and bring the excellent look to your photography. Get e-commerce product portrait retouching services from Sam studio to bulk volume of image editing orders.

Outsource Portrait Photo Retouching/Editing Services

We are specialized in providing portrait photo retouching services to photographers, studios, and e-commerce business industries. Our portrait image retouching services are listed below,

·         Family portrait retouching services
·         Portrait airbrushing services

Looking for portrait retouching and professional photo enhancement services to Sam Studio. Contact our team and get a special offer for bulk imaging orders.

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Professional Photo Editing Services to Photographers UK – World Class Image Post Production Services

Image Post Processing Services
Outsource photo post processing and editing services provider to the UK

Sam Studio is a world class post production services such as photography post processing, photo editing services and outsources digital image enhancement services.

Our outsource image processing services are also included vacation rental photo editing, glamour photo editing for advertising industries, neck joint services/ghost mannequin editing services for clothing products, product photo editing services for online stores, creative graphic design services for business promotion, wedding, baby, portrait, event, architectural, landscape, stock and e-commerce photography retouching services for photographers, website image optimization services, pop art and photo illustration services.

Outsource photo editing needs to Sam Studio and get world-class photo editing service outsourcing to your e-commerce business needs.

Photo Editing - Case Studies

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